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JULY 28, 2014 – BY Jessica Bellamy Communications & Public Engagement Intern (Published on the Hammer Blog)

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Posted July 28, 2014 16:46

Calendar July 14, 2014 16:28

A dancer openly rehearses on stage as the sound of applause erupts the normally peaceful museum courtyard, but they’re not clapping for her. There is a frenzy of activity all over the museum and the city due to FIFA madness and I don’t want it to end.  I’ve watched every game. Let me repeat that with excessive punctuation. Every.Game.  And with passion too, I feel like I deserve a World Cup. This comes at a complete surprise to me as I am someone who never really latched on to ‘sports’ in general.  When I hear the words “race, match, or game” I legitimately think of elections and political games before all else.  I mean what am I doing religiously watching other nations compete in a sport I’m just starting to understand? (I’ve seen She’s the Man and Bend it Like Beckham so many times that I can probably quote the films backwards but I just learned what off-sides was during the final game).  Even during American Football season at the University of Southern California but I spent most games either, inebriated, or too worried about sick photo ops with my festive body paint.

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Posted July 14, 2014 16:28